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Calendly Pricing – Your Best Economical Choice for 2022

Whether you’re working with a team or booking out your services, scheduling appointments, and meetings is an area of your business that can be quick and easy to automate. Calendly is one of the leading appointment scheduling software in the industry and is your ticket to efficiency. In this post, we will go over how you can best use this tool and review the Calendly pricing plans so you can know what you’re getting into.


Calendly is a scheduling software that simplifies the appointment booking process. Calendly can be seamlessly integrated with your calendars, payment processor, CRM, email marketing software, and other aspects of your business that need to connect.

With Calendly, you can set parameters for your meetings such as time slots, space between sessions, limit the number of appointments per day, set a minimum scheduling notice, and much more.

Not only will Calendly simplify your life, but it also can increase your sales conversions AND customer retention.


Let’s get to the point, Calendly is not only for those in the eCommerce industry who provide a service. Although we think it’s essential for those who do!

If you provide a service, you can use Calendly to schedule consultations or initial meetings.

If you sell a product/software/tool, you can use Calendly to book customer service support. Or even you could schedule calls with customers to walk them through how to use the product or software.

If you’re managing a team, Calendly can be an excellent asset for efficiently scheduling meetings without a lot of back and forth messaging.

The options are endless!

As you’ll see in the Calendly pricing plans, the features expand as you increase in level.

You can embed the Calendly link on your website and add it to your marketing strategies to give prospects a quick and straightforward way to book a meeting with you or your team. When you make it that easy for your prospective customers to schedule times with you, it improves their customer journey and experience. Happy customers = sales.

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With the extensive integrations available in the Premium and Pro Calendly pricing levels, you can connect your Zoom account (for virtual appointments), payment processor, and email marketing software to further increase that ease of connecting.

Then on the customer retention side of things, Calendly is a great tool for scheduling customer support meetings or product walkthroughs. Using Calendly can make it easy to offer that kind of care and attention that your customers deserve. Then when they feel cared for, they will be that much more likely to continue doing business with you.


There are three levels available to choose from in the Calendly pricing plans – Basic, Premium, and Pro. While you can set up a Premium or Pro for your whole team, it does charge the fees per user. Fortunately, Calendly does offer a free 14-day trial to try out either of these plans. This way, you can determine whether it will work for you before making a payment.



The Calendly pricing Basic plan is 100% free, giving you the ability to create and schedule appointments without any commitment. While this is a great place to begin if you are just getting started, the features included at this level are just as the title implies – basic.

With the Basic plan, you can only connect to one calendar per user and create only one event type. The event types are determined based on the different rules such as the duration, location, time you’re available, and so on.

While limited, the Basic plan does allow you to connect with several video conferencing apps such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft Teams. With this plan, you will also receive a personal scheduling link and can embed it onto your website or add it via a widget for increased usability.


$8/month (annual billing) or $10/month (monthly billing) **Billed per user

The Calendly pricing Premium plan is a step above the Basic plan and the cheapest of the paid plans. With Premium, you are hit with a whole slew of increased features and options. Not only does it grant you the ability to create unlimited event types, but you will also get two calendars per user.

This plan level also steps it up with metrics and reporting giving you the ability to track leads. It also offers a pooled availability option which is ideal for scheduling meetings with groups of people or multi-person events.

On top of what you can connect with under the Calendly Basic plan, the Premium plan also allows you to integrate with Zapier, including all of the apps found in Zapier Suite.

Finally, you also have the ability to customize the branding and notifications that give you a more cohesive look for your business. Unfortunately, live chat customer support at this level is only available to accounts with over ten users.


$12/month (annual billing) or $15/month (monthly billing) **Billed per user

Finally, the most advanced and comprehensive of the individual Calendly pricing plans is the Pro plan.

The Pro plan includes everything that comes with the Premium plan plus more integration options, more customization availability, and the Calendly workflow feature.

In this plan, along with your basic integrations and Zapier, you can also connect with a CRM such as Salesforce or HubSpot, Mailchimp, Stripe, PayPal, and more.

The Pro plan also comes with enhanced customization abilities such as SMS notifications and the ability to automatically redirect an attendee to a certain page after they respond to a Calendly invite.

Finally, one of the best (we think) features of the Calendly pricing Pro plan is workflows. Workflows allow you to send automated messages to attendees, such as agendas, meeting notes, and other types of follow-ups. This is great for big team meetings or to push a sale/product after the appointment.


$16/month (annual billing) or $20/month (monthly billing) **Billed per user

This level of the Calendly pricing plans is designed for teams and companies that want to collaborate more efficiently. This level includes all of the perks of the Pro plan PLUS a bit more designed specifically for teams.


When you are a busy eCommerce manager, you know that every bit of time-saving and automation counts. With Calendly, you can save yourself from plenty of headaches, from scheduling meetings to booking customer calls. In addition, Calendly pricing plans are flexible and vary in features to meet your needs.

Not only can Calendly save you time, but it also can translate into sales conversions and customer retention if you use the tool to its fullest abilities.

At Trillionaire E-commerce, we use Calendly to schedule all of our appointments, from first-time consultation calls to managing meetings for our other services that you can check out here. We are all about finding tools that will make our lives easier and sharing with our customers as they take off on their eCommerce journeys.


Is it worth paying for Calendly? It all depends on what your needs are. For example, suppose you only need a simple link to schedule appointments for one calendar and are not interested in additional customization or integration options. In that case, the free plan is probably all you need. However, if you want to use the software to its fullest potential by integrating it with various other tools such as a CRM or a payment tool, you will want to splurge for one of the Calendly pricing paid plans. For reasonably low monthly fees, the Premium and Pro levels are equipped with an impressive number of features and abilities.

Is Calendly really free? Yes! The Calendly Basic plan is 100% free; however, they also offer paid plans of the Premium and Pro levels with extended options.

Does Calendly charge per user? Yes, their pricing plans are billed either annually or monthly per user.

What is better than Calendly? A few alternatives to Calendly are Setmore,, Squarespace Scheduling, Wix Bookings, TimeSync, and

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