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Becoming an Effective Ecommerce Manager: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Is your current 9-5 workday feeling a bit draining lately?

Are you tired of having to go to a job every day that you aren’t passionate about?

Have you heard whispers of the exciting world of eCommerce and have been wondering what everyone has been talking about?

It’s not too late to start your own eCommerce business or jump on with a company that knows what they are doing with the online sales industry and try out a position as an eCommerce manager!

As online shopping and sales increase, the eCommerce industry is skyrocketing right along with them. Along with that, people all over the world are looking to become more location independent and finding ways to take their success into their own hands. An eCommerce Manager fits that criteria and more! Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know to find success as an eCommerce Manager.

“Growth projections estimate that by 2022, ecommerce revenues will exceed $638 billion in the U.S. alone.” BigCommerce

“16.1% of all retail sales are expected to happen online in 2020” Shopify


Ecommerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services on the internet. Not to be confused with e-business, which is related to all aspects of operating an online business, eCommerce focuses explicitly on the transactions side of things.

To run a successful eCommerce business it is crucial to have a strong team handling its different online aspects. The eCommerce manager is one of the leading roles that is crucial to business operations.


First and foremost, there are many descriptions of what an eCommerce manager does – because honestly, they do a lot!

Ecommerce managers tend to wear a variety of hats. Their daily tasks range from selecting products for sale, optimizing the eCommerce store to showcase those products, creating a marketing strategy, handling returns, and everything in between.

In some cases, an eCommerce manager is a position within a larger company. Still, it’s becoming increasingly popular for eCommerce managers to be in that role for their OWN BUSINESS!


As far as education, many eCommerce managers will benefit from a degree in business management, marketing, or communications. Anyone of these degrees will give the necessary knowledge and tools to run and manage an eCommerce business. This additional education can also help to increase an eCommerce manager’s salary as well.

That being said, even though this educational background can be helpful, it is certainly not required.

Many eCommerce managers find more tremendous success in learning through experience. Most technical skills crucial to finding success in this position can be learned outside of a traditional college university.

Although some specific knowledge that is pertinent to the position can include:

  • Basic business management

  • Knowledge of strategies for increasing sales

  • Affiliate marketing

  • SEO Knowledge

  • Digital Advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Marketing, etc.

  • Market research and analytical skills

  • Developing and designing online and email marketing campaigns

There are plenty of soft skills outside of technical knowledge that a successful eCommerce manager should have.

Many eCommerce managers find greater success in learning through experience. Most technical skills crucial to finding success in this position can be taught outside of a traditional college university. Furthermore, there are many skills outside of technical knowledge that a successful eCommerce manager should have.


While some additional learning and instruction from an eCommerce specific course will provide the basic fundamental knowledge, there are many soft skills that you should have when looking to become an eCommerce manager.


Analytic and problem-solving skills are crucial for any successful eCommerce manager. You must be able to analyze the current market trends and determine the best strategies for making them work for your business. The eCommerce industry is evolving every day, meaning that you need to be on top of the recent changes and maintain your business’ relevance. Problem-solving skills are also a must. You should be able to quickly assess what is working, what’s not, and then find a way to correct the issue before you lose out on sales.

eCommerce Manager Leadership

Whether you will be leading a team for task delegation or leading your own business ventures, leadership skills are crucial. A robust eCommerce manager can delegate work so as the tasks can be completed efficiently. You will constantly be faced with making decisions and directing the business’ flow to ensure your eCommerce success.

Organizational Skills

Within an eCommerce business, there are many different parts all moving at once. An eCommerce manager needs to oversee business relations, sales conversions, marketing efforts, website analytics, budget, and so much more. This requires a high level of organizational skills to keep up with all the different components. Primarily if you work remotely and/or run your own business, your organization and time management abilities are crucial to making sure you stay on task and keep moving forward.


When you are pulling an all-nighter to finish a marketing strategy or crunching numbers for hours straight, it all boils down to your passion. To indeed be successful, an eCommerce manager needs to possess a high level of passion for the eCommerce industry and finding success. As you’ve seen throughout this blog, the job isn’t easy. It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and downright heartbreaking at times. Although if you have a passion for web sales and finding solutions, it will ultimately be the most rewarding venture you could begin.


An eCommerce manager’s schedule can vary greatly depending on whether you are working as an employee with a company or running your own business.

If you are working as an eCommerce manager as part of a company position, you’re more likely to have set hours and workweeks. In this case, your schedule will be more dependent on your employer and their needs. It will still require a certain level of flexibility, such as being more available during high-need times like during a marketing campaign or a product launch.

On the other hand, if you strive to be an eCommerce manager with your own business, you should expect your schedule to be highly varied. While being your own boss does allow you the flexibility of creating your own schedule, that also means that sometimes it may feel like you are never “off.” You may be able to enjoy a calm Tuesday afternoon but also might have to spend a Saturday working instead.

The first couple of years of business will most likely be filled with long hours and stress, but as long as you stay determined, it will become more comfortable as you go!


The eCommerce manager’s salary can look different for every position.

For an individual working for a company, their salary will most likely be more consistent than someone who’s running their own business.

While an eCommerce manager’s salary may start off as low as $20,000 a year for someone just starting in the industry, individuals with more experience can make upwards of $150,000+

*Salary table found on

An eCommerce manager salary ultimately depends on how much effort you put into it. An eCommerce manager who really dives into their industry can find immense success pulling in a revenue of six figures and beyond! An eCommerce manager’s salary also weighs in on the factors of the specific industry you find yourself in.


Ecommerce managers wear a lot of hats, which can feel overwhelming to some people, but the benefits of being your own boss are overwhelming greater! This position can be extremely rewarding, whether you are promoting your own products or services or simply being on the “fast-moving train” that is the eCommerce industry.

The wonderful thing about becoming an eCommerce manager is that it doesn’t require years of formal training or a degree in a defined university major. What is most important for this position is a level of determination and passion for achieving success and overcoming obstacles.

Although it can be helpful for the strongest start, especially if you are new to the eCommerce industry in general, to find a course, eCommerce mentor, or coach that will help guide you at the beginning of the adventure.

If you’re interested in becoming an eCommerce manager, a smart first step is to look into finding an eCommerce university. Enrolling in this unique learning environment will set you up for success, specifically in the eCommerce industry.

So what are you waiting for?!

Take the leap into the eCommerce world either on your own accord or by jumping on with a project and company that you’re passionate and excited about by becoming an eCommerce manager today!


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