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How to Use Unicorn Smasher: Our Updated 2022 Review

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

So you have decided to start an online business. Maybe it is based on seeing a trendy game flying off the shelves or noticing a lack of sanitizer as it continues to fly off the shelves. Though for a sustainable business model, you can’t just live off of one product’s success. This moment is where Unicorn Smasher comes in – one of our favorite tools to use for eCommerce product research.

Hopefully, if you are starting an online store, you are already aware of the extreme importance of product research. (If you missed that lesson, don’t worry, we have you covered with “10 Mistakes to Avoid in eCommerce Product Research”!)

Essentially, product research is the bread and butter of a successful eCommerce business, and Unicorn Smasher is one of the tools that will make the process a piece of cake. No matter which dropshipping import tool you’re using, Oberlo or Spocket, you won’t need to find new products if yours aren’t selling!

Ecommerce product research isn’t just about buying into the hottest new products. There is a real art to conducting thorough product research to find what will sell best with your store. While it is essential, this can be an immense drain of your time.

Of all the recommended eCommerce tools, Unicorn Smasher should be number one on your list.

Want to know why? Keep reading to find out!


Unicorn Smasher – Hardcore rainbow-filled video game or sophisticated eCommerce tool? Here’s your answer.

Unicorn Smasher is a product research tool that was created by Amztracker. This software was developed with eCommerce in mind as it supercharges product research, a crucial aspect of opening an online store. Its focus is on the Amazon marketplace, one of the largest online retailers globally, and continues to be the highest dream of success for many new entrepreneurs.

This software is offered as a chrome extension making it one of the most accessible and convenient tools for budding entrepreneurs.

This tool aims to help users conduct extensive product research across the Amazon market by analyzing comprehensive data across the site. Unicorn Smasher provides detailed insider information about listed products such as price, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and plenty of other helpful data.


This software is equipped with an assortment of different features to help make the product research process as smooth as possible.

Unicorn Smasher


Make your eCommerce product research on Unicorn Smasher even easier with the ability to use the filters feature to sort results. There is a variety of different criteria that you can sort by, including price, new sellers, variations, sales rank, estimated revenue, estimated sales, reviews, and ratings.

This feature helps to narrow down the data and results to find your best match.

Add to Dashboard

The “Add to Dashboard” feature is another useful resource within the Unicorn Smasher extension for Chrome that adds to product research efficiency.

Similar to how you can bookmark a Google search, so you don’t have to do a total restart, you can save searches and data results within the Unicorn Smasher extension by clicking the “Add to Dashboard” button.

For all of you who like to keep 50 browser tabs open not to lose your place, this tool is for you!

Export to CSV

Forget your collection of excel sheets and the tedious amount of time you have put into organizing product research data. One of the features that make Unicorn Smasher the most efficient tool on the market is the ability to export all data into a CSV (Comma Separated Values file). You can then open this file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets so you can view the data in an organized manner.

A few of the other useful Unicorn Smasher features include:

  • An organized dashboard to help you compile and manage all your research in one spot

  • Sales estimates based on real data from live Amazon listings

  • Ability to check the optimization of a product’s canonical URL

  • Variation statistics for the most accurate data collection

  • The ability to “favorite” searches for efficient research

  • Revenue estimates for an accurate determination of the revenue coming in for any product niche

  • A help center and customer support to assist you if you have any difficulties


That’s the best part about this tool; Unicorn Smasher is FREE!

Isn’t that a fun discovery when you’re busy shelling out money for starting your business

almost every day?

Though with that in mind, Unicorn Smasher Pro was recently released, which opened up many new features with this paid version.

Although, for all the features that the free version boasts, it’s a significant first step in the right direction. We highly recommend downloading the free version first so you can try the extension out before you upgrade.

As with many free things, the one downside of having a free tool is that there is ALOT of advertising worked into the product. Though if you can be patient through a couple of 30-second ads attempting to sell you some paid tools, it is undoubtedly worth it.



  • 100% FREE tool

  • Extensively organized dashboard for efficient management of data

  • Highly accurate sales and revenue estimates based on tens of thousands of live products


  • Unicorn Smasher only works on Amazon US and UK

  • Slow load time due to the higher number of advertisements shown

  • AMZ Tracker handles customer service, so at times there appears to be a disconnect

Check out some of the Unicorn Smasher reviews for a deeper understanding of this tool:


First thing’s first, you will need to download ‘Unicorn Smasher Extension’ from the Chrome Web Store. You can find the link to download HERE. As it says in the name, this extension is only compatible with Google Chrome, so keep that in mind when considering your browser.

Since this tool is designed specifically for Amazon to use the Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension, you must first be on the Amazon website.

From there, you will use the search bar to look up a product. Once the search results arrive, all you need to do to start analyzing the products and data is to click the Unicorn Smasher icon that you can find in the upper corner of your web browser where your extension icons live.

From there, it will drop down a small screen with a complete analysis of all the products in that search category. You can use the data shown to analyze and compare products and see what would work best for your business.

As we mentioned above, you can use the “filter” button to narrow your results. This feature helps to scale down the data to only what is most important to you.

If you want to save those specific results, click the “Add to Dashboard” button. When you wish to return and compare product results or find a search again, all you need to do is visit your Dashboard from that main screen.

It’s important to note that the Unicorn Smasher extension is not designed to do EVERYTHING for you. Instead, it’s there to help with the research and analysis of products from a general category. Such as comparing sock brands or towel collections to sell.

So, similar to many eCommerce courses, this resource provides the tools that can help you succeed, but you still need to put in the work and effort to find your own success.

How do you further make your store run like Amazon? Be sure to check out Frequently Bought Together and 3 Bonus Cross-Sell Apps to Make Your Store Work Like Amazon


While there aren’t really any other free product research tools that even come close to what is offered by Unicorn Smasher, Jungle Scout is a paid product research software that provides similar results.

While Jungle Scout does boast some additional features such as a word cloud and Google Trends report, overall, the two Chrome Extensions’ basic functions are essentially the same.

Check out this Jungle Scout review for a deeper dive into what this tool entails.

So with that being said, the most significant difference between the two software options is the price. Even the most basic option for Jungle Scout will cost you $97 per year, while the pro version runs closer to $197 per year.

For a beginning eCommerce entrepreneur, these numbers can be difficult to stomach along with all the other costs of starting an online store.

Remember, if your find Unicorn Smasher not working, you can always go to the tool’s website or contact the app developer. It is also important to note that if you find yourself with a Unicorn Smasher not working, you can always try simple troubleshooting efforts such as uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, clearing your browser history or cache.


The Unicorn Smasher Extension for Chrome is a crucial tool for efficient and effective product research.

While there are some limitations, such as the compatibility with Amazon in countries other than the United States and the United Kingdom and load times for results, the overall benefit of this free chrome extension certainly weighs us over. That said, if you’re tired of the advertisements, the Unicorn Smasher Pro version is the next step up as you grow your business.

This chrome extension is easy to use with an organized dashboard for ultimate product research management.

For those reasons and more, we here at Trillionaire E-commerce use the Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension for our needs and recommend it to all of our students!


Proper product research will mean the difference between running a successful online store that brings in real revenue or throwing your money down the drain into products that don’t sell. Hello! The most important part of running a strong eCommerce business is selling products.


How does Unicorn Smasher work? Unicorn Smasher takes the guesswork out of eCommerce product research by offering real-time and reliable information from data-driven sales estimates from the eCommerce giant itself, Amazon.

How do you use the Unicorn smasher on Amazon? After you download the Unicorn Smasher extension from Google, you simply click on the extension any time you are browsing Amazon to see and analyze metrics directly from your browser.

Does Unicorn smasher still work? Yes! Unicorn Smasher is still one of the highest eCommerce product research tools on the market. Check out some of the Unicorn Smasher reviews here to hear from other happy users.

How do you install the Unicorn smasher? To install Unicorn Smasher, you will head over to the Chrome Web Store. 1. Search for the app “Unicorn Smasher Pro”. 2. Select “Add to Chrome” Be sure to allow all permissions to give the app access to your browser and searches for the full extent of the tool.


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