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Frequently Bought Together and 3 Bonus Cross-Sell Apps to Make Your Store Work Like Amazon

Have you ever used a cross-selling app such as Frequently Bought Together? No?

Well, it’s an important tool for your eCommerce business so let’s start from scratch.

According to the statistics, if someone makes a purchase on your website, there is a 27% chance that he/she will come back. Here comes the role of the upselling and cross-selling techniques that can convert existing customers into reoccurring ones. If you have also been working in the online e-commerce world, we’re sure you have observed that many times when you’re shopping and just about to check out, the website just so happens to feature a few other items that would perfectly complement your already existing purchase. This is a popular tactic that is used by MANY online stores, most famously, ecommerce giant, Amazon.

These tactics are called cross-selling and upselling

Source: Statista

When you offer other similar items that are similar in nature to something your customer is about to purchase, it is called cross-selling. Shopify (such as the Frequently Bought Together app) and other e-commerce apps allow you to use this marketing strategy in your own store to increase your Average Order Value (AOV).


It is no secret that cross-selling is every top company’s sales plan. Through this marketing technique, you display products that would complement the current item that is in their cart. Essentially you are helping guide the customer along the journey of their purchase.

Here you might be wondering:

Is cross-selling a successful marketing strategy? The answer is yes!

Many people do not know that they even need more, they just need guidance. For example, if someone purchased the dress, he/she may need accessories with it, with the purchase of an electronic, they will probably need batteries or a charger, etc.


If you also want to use this technology for your eCommerce store, select the desired products and install some Apps for them. For example, “Frequently Bought Together” is an app that was developed to increase sales in your Shopify store.


We have tested a few cross-selling and upselling apps to make your marketing journey easier. Our top focus is the Frequently Bought Together which will help you build an upselling strategy that resembles that of Amazon.

Let’s discuss these top upselling apps one by one.

Frequently Bought Together

Have you ever purchased with Amazon? You must have seen the section below each product that tells the experience of the other people who bought this time, etc.

The Frequently Bought Together app uses this type of personalized recommendations that you see on Amazon.

Here it is worth mentioning that the PRO version of the app is not free. However, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial and figure out how easy it makes it for the customers to buy your products. It will help you in increasing your store’s overall revenue by boosting sales.

The Frequently Bought Together app pricing structure is also intriguing as you can easily purchase for $9.99 a month.

The best part about this app is that it creates an Amazon-like upselling feature and can be extremely helpful for e-commerce businesses.

This app has gained immense popularity among e-commerce business owners ever since it was developed in 2016. The best part about it is that it is getting better every day.

Here are the top features of the Frequently Bought Together App:

  • The Frequently Bought Together app will load your products page with bundles of recommendations that will seem attractive to your clients, and they will love to buy from you. As a result, you will observe a considerable boost in your profit and conversion rates. It is the ultimate benefit of this app.

  • Frequently Bought Together app is a Shopify-only App that works 24/7 to meet your website’s visitors’ needs and converts them into frequent buyers. It is a stable, well-configured, and safe app that can help you with your overall upselling strategy.

  • To produce fine-class product recommendations, you can enjoy a considerable boost in the online business. The algorithm of this app is constantly improving, and if you do research, you can observe that a lot of improvements have occurred with time.

Here you might be wondering, what can I do with this app?

  • Check out, test, and adjust the number of recommended products you want to display on the product pages.

  • Customize the upsell grid on the product page.

  • Provide the customer with various percentage discounts if he/she chooses to benefit from your upsell offer.

  • Allows you to choose the custom recommended products instead of the automated ones.

Though you may have used other apps that work like Frequently Bought Together, we’re sure that you will be convinced that the other choices are second to none.

See the image below to understand more about the pricing structure of this app.

As you can see, the free plan also has something to offer for everyone.

Why choose the Frequently Bought Together app?

  • It has maintained an overall 4.9/5 star rating and is highly trusted by users.

  • It remains stable and fast while dealing with unlimited products at the same time. You will never see the decrease or pause in the functionality, even in the Black Friday sale.

  • The creators of this app are theShopify App Storedevelopment experts. They have brought this masterpiece into the market to offer a powerful cross-sell and upsell tool to their users.

  • This app is highly compatible with the various Shopify themes. Even if you run into difficulties integrating this app with your theme, the 24/7 expert team can always help you with that.

  • The discount offers that you provide with this app can be applied to the bundles of products as well.

  • It allows you to change the widgets on the product pages along with colors and sizes.

In short, it is the best app that can help you in getting bulk sales like Amazon and enjoy high conversion rates.

Now, let’s have a look at some other cross-sell and upsell apps.

Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers is another versatile Shopify app that can not only help you with upselling but also offers plenty of impressive features. including volume control and pricing.

It has maintained an overall rating of a 4.7/5 stars rating, and you can test it by utilizing the 10-day free trial. After this trial period, you will have to pay $19 per month.

Let’s have a look at some of the notable features of this app:

  • Bulk discounts: You can constantly offer bulk discounts to wholesalers by either offering them the percentage discounts or the education in overall fixed prices.

  • Buy One Get One Free: You can play a lot with this option. With this feature, you can offer two same products at the price of one or two different products while charging only for anyone.

If you are receiving a constant sales flow, this app is an exciting option.

LimeSpot Personalizer

With an excellent rating of 4.9/5 stars, LimeSpot Personalizer app is a super affordable option for a tight budget. This app’s monthly pricing is only $10 a month and you have the option to opt into the free trial of 15 days.

The best part?

You can still use it for free until you start getting 5x more sales than the overall costs of the app.

Some other benefits of LimeSpot Personalizer include:

  • Assists in upselling by displaying trending products at the top of the product page.

  • Allows you to see the revenue that you have generated from the app alone.

  • Real-time detailed analytics appear on the dashboard containing information about CTR, average order size, etc.

  • Enhanced cross-sell capabilities.

Smart Search & Instant Search

This popular upsell app is used among various large and well-reputed companies such as National Geographic, Philips, and Durex.

After the Frequently Bought Together app, Smart Search & Instant Search has gained immense popularity as a tremendous upselling and cross-selling tool. The exciting part about this app is that the basic version is completely free to use. Though it also does include a 14-day free trial version to try out the PRO version as well.

Some notable features of Smart Search & Instant Search include:

  • The option to choose which and how many products to display on the product page.

  • Ability to filter based on collections that sort by price, product type, collections, tags, vendor, color, size, product rating, availability.

  • Implement the upselling feature on any page you want.

  • Provides the search box feature to site visitors to quickly find out what they are wanting to see.

  • Helps to assess detailed real-time analytics.

In short, Smart Search & Instant Search is a highly trusted upselling app that various businesses use. It can help you to understand your customers more by checking what they’re searching for and how they are valuing your upsell offers.

Final Verdict

Now you have read about the best upsell apps for e-commerce websites, we have to come out and say it – our top pick is the Frequently Bought Together app that allows you to run your e-commerce store like Amazon. Its overall rating is impressive and is clear evidence of the power capacity of this app.

However, it is entirely up to you to find out which is the best upselling app for you according to your unique needs and plans and how you want to approach your upsell strategy.

Between the options of either Frequently Bought Together, LimeSpot Personalizer, Ultimate Special Offers, or Smart Search & Instant Search, we’re sure you can’t go wrong!


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